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Andrew Crowley

Andrew Crowley

R&D Manager System Engineering (Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner)

Galway Ireland
Employed Available
Enthusiastic and driven manager with a growth mindset where I thrive in enabling teams to achieve their best results by facilitating and nurturing collaboration and communication.
Excellent experience in the High Tech industry (Telecoms, SW Development, Automotive) in both start-up and large corporate scenarios. Passionate about managing teams, and have experience managing Geo-dispersed Multi-disciplined teams in multicultural environments.
  • Manager of the DVS product line System Engineering Metier Team
  • Responsible for the System Engineering Process throughout the DVS product line
  • Monitor process deployment throughout the DVS PL
  • Manage System Engineering teams within the metier to support new business development activity
Detailed Description
  • Deploy System Engineering process in line with CDV SMART in DVS PL. Ensure workflows are aligned to CLEAN milestones. Ensure deployment with Awareness, Training, Deployment monitoring and Reporting. Support DVS PL by giving necessary guidance. Define new procedures, guides, templates where deemed necessary and work to incorporate to CDV level. Monitor the process deployment progress in all Platform & Operations groups and report to management regularly.
  • Provide strategic direction for the process of System Engineering in DVS ensuring aligned with other DVS metiers. Ensure DVS strategy is a key input to overall CDV SMART process. Report regularly to management on this alignment and strategy.
  • Define resource footprint strategy and monitor/report on resource distribution across Metier/Platforms and Operations teams. Analyse and report from metier perspective versus MTP planned resources. Support recruitment across DVS PL.
  • Develop and Maintain a competency plan for System Engineering and ensure reference training plan linked with available training both formal and on the job. Define new training needs for the System Engineering activities and work with Platform/Metier/Operations group to source/generate internally or other via external providers.
  • Align with CDV to define a System Engineering tools strategy and deploy necessary tools with access, user guides and training. Define standard template tools that aid in System Engineering work.
  • Elicit and Monitor R&D Efficiency plans from System teams across Platform/Operations/Metier teams. Ensure all System Engineering teams are aware of System efficiency levers and utilise.
  • Define internal and external resource/service providers for System Engineering activities and provide standard rules of engagement for Metier/Platform/Operations team to ensure consistent approach across all.
  • In association with relevant hierarchical managers , define and deploy metier functional objectives to System Engineering teams in Platform and Operations groups
  • Monitor regularly the metier functional objectives progress and maintain regular contact with system engineering resources. Maintain overall view of projects/assignments loading.
  • Work with relevant line hierarchical managers to regularly give feedback and contribute with input relevant MYRs,AAIs and Training development plans.
Company Description
Valeo is an Automotive Supplier, partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo develops innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 Emissions and to the development of intuitive driving.
Company website
  • Define and Enhance Product Development processes
  • Deploy procedures, templates and training programs
  • Encourage the adherence to processes
  • Plan and encourage a reuse strategy
  • Maintain a core asset configuration strategy
  • Liaise across the AP organisation
Detailed Description
  • Define/Enhance Product Development processes in line with Valeo methodology and Industry recognised standards (Automotive SPICE,Functional Safety -ISO26262,TS16949….) for deployment in Automated Parking Product segment.
  • Deploy procedures/templates/training programs to develop competences of Automated Parking (AP) Product Segment R&D groups in system processes
  • Maintain a core asset configuration strategy (requirements, architecture, models, software components, test plans/cases…) in conjunction with relevant stakeholders
  • Enforce the adherence to processes by deploying appropriate review gates and provide reports on status and compliance
  • Plan and enforce a reuse strategy for AP Product segment that ensures the product asset base is architected to be reused and is developed for use in more than a single system
  • Evaluate and support the necessary tools or tool adaptions that are needed to support the development processes ie. Reqs Mgmt, Configuration Mgt, Problem tracking, System/SW Modelling tools
  • Liaise across the AP organisation and wider Valeo organisation –including R&D & Quality, to ensure alignment on methods and development procedures
  • Manager of the Comverse France Integration and Validation Team
  • Certified Scrum master
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Overseas Team Manager
  • Documentation Manager
  • Quality Representative
Detailed Description
  • Managing the Comverse France Integration and Validation Team.
    Handling all traditional managerial functions including, but not limited to, Time and Attendance, Annual Compensation Review, Year-End performance evaluations, work load scheduling, performance management, setting and tracking team objectives and organising training programs.
    Ensuring the correct application of the integration and validation procedures
    Tracking the alignment of feature tests with technical specifications
    Supervising the preparation of Test Plan Overviews, Defect Tracking & Reporting.
    Participating in Project Follow Up meetings with development and deployment teams
    Planning and Supervising Test Campaigns on latest releases and maintenance releases.
    KPI reporting. On- site initiator of Agile Methodologies.
  • Scrum master - Certified
    Daily management of the scrum meetings (multi site). Reporting in the form of burn down charts. Managing and preparing Agile milestones: Planning Game, Sprint review, Sprint Retrospective. Mentoring and training teams in Agile methodologies
  • Product Owner - Certified
  • Overseas teams management
    Managing a team of five engineers in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.
    Training, weekly conference, Project advancement via daily scrum.
  • Documentation management
    Single point of contact for our documentation team based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
    Ensuring the correct application of the corporate style guide. Developing and maintaining new procedures for documentation.
    Validating the source information and preparing for final integration.
  • Quality Representative
    Senior member of the Comverse France Internal Auditing Team.
    Monitoring the on-site application of R&D procedures (ISO 9000).
    Active participation in improving existing procedures and alignment with CMMI
Company website
Detailed Description
  • Protocol Validation at France Telecom R&D. (Lannion FT/R&D/CORE/MVV).
    Development and execution of functional test campaigns to validate the SS7 protocol behaviour in the FT VoIP core.
    Tools: OTPTS (Evasion), Quality Centre (Test Director).
    Protocols/ Signalling: ISUPv1, ISUPv2, ISUPv3, ISUPv2 variants, SSURI, SSURN.
    Systems: Italtel iMSS Call Server (VoIP, SIP, H323).
Company Description
Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 131.8 million customers, the Orange brand now covers internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates.
Company website
Detailed Description
  • Technical Writing
    Design and creation of a complete client documentation set for the Ekinops product line.
Company Description
Ekinops is a provider of next-generation optical transport solutions for service providers and private networks. Its carrier-grade solutions leverage expertise in 10G transmission, aggregation and Forward Error Correction (FEC) to allow operators to cost-effectively increase data transport capacity over dark fiber, CWDM, DWDM, SONET/SDH, IP and SAN networks.
Company website
Detailed Description
  • Project Manager Telecoms
  • Responsible for the nationwide deployment of the 2003 OCB283 release.
    Interface with the Client, resolve project affecting problems.
    Continue to develop technical relations with French project teams.
    Manage quality issues (Performance indicators, quality alerts)
    Track maintenance issues regarding current project.
  • Client Interface
  • Select the Experience tab for more information
Company Description
A leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networking, IP and optics technologies, applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent leverages the unrivaled technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry.
  • Develop the new role of Technical coordinator
Detailed Description
  • Develop the new role of Technical coordinator between Irish and French teams.
    Coordinate the project teams in Ireland and France. Resolve any issues regarding cultural differences.
    Facilitate mutual understanding
    Resolve any client issues.
    Source useful contacts.
    Responsible for the deployment of the projects :
    -Carrier pre -selection solution for the Irish Network
  • Member of the Integration team
Detailed Description
  • Development and execution of functional test campaigns for the Alcatel switch OCB283 and its peripherals for the Irish Network.
    Development of test plans for OCB283 (Ireland and international).
    Development and validation of New procedures.
    Training Network operators and Alcatel Teams in new features and procedures.
    Liaison with client before new function deployment (preparation phase).
    Provide back-up for Technical Support team, reproduction of network problems to allow analysis. Maintain Test platform to ensure Network reference.
    Write and translate technical documents.
    Responsible for the deployment of the following projects :
    • DAM- Digital Announcement Machine,
    • Gatekeeper- APC Solution for a new operator
    • Protocol Converter- Network Edge Solution- ISUPV2 (Ireland) ISUP BT (United Kingdom)
  • Member of the Support team
Detailed Description
  • As part of the Technical Support team in charge of software and release upgrades and rollouts (New releases, Patches etc.) and their validation. Working with the Client during on-site validation. Client training. Procedure development and testing for the operations department and the client. Technical writing; Client Technical Notes, Specifications etc.
    Client Technical Support (24/7).
    Managed the Y2K « ready project ».
  • Commissioning Team leader
Detailed Description
  • Leading Commissioning Teams involved in the Installation, Configuration and Testing of public Telephone switches, large scale and rural small scale, as part of the Irish Digital Network Program.
    OCB 181, OCB 283, CSE, CSN, CNE.
    Responsible for Network upgrade and rollouts notably the R11 release which allowed the introduction on a network wide level of ISDN services thanks to SS7 and DSS1 signalling.