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Andrew Crowley

Andrew Crowley

R&D Manager System Engineering (Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner)

Galway Ireland
Employed Available
I am an experienced professional with a long experience in high tech industry, from small start-ups to large-scale companies.
Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.
Working in multilingual multicultural environments and managing geographically dispersed teams are among my specialties.

Agile Methods

  • Certified Scrummaster: Daily management of scrum meetings. Reporting in the form of burndown charts. Managing and preparing the Agile ceremonies: Planning Game, Sprint review, Sprint Retrospective
    ID: 246268
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner: managing project product backlogs, assiting in Backlog refinement sessions.
    ID: 246268

Automotive Spice

  • Provisional Asessor
  • Manager of the DVS product line System Engineering Metier Team
  • Responsible for the System Engineering Process throughout the DVS product line
  • Monitor process deployment throughout the DVS PL
  • Manage System Engineering teams within the metier to support new business development activity
Detailed Description
  • Deploy System Engineering process in line with CDV SMART in DVS PL. Ensure workflows are aligned to CLEAN milestones. Ensure deployment with Awareness, Training, Deployment monitoring and Reporting. Support DVS PL by giving necessary guidance. Define new procedures, guides, templates where deemed necessary and work to incorporate to CDV level. Monitor the process deployment progress in all Platform & Operations groups and report to management regularly.
  • Provide strategic direction for the process of System Engineering in DVS ensuring aligned with other DVS metiers. Ensure DVS strategy is a key input to overall CDV SMART process. Report regularly to management on this alignment and strategy.
  • Define resource footprint strategy and monitor/report on resource distribution across Metier/Platforms and Operations teams. Analyse and report from metier perspective versus MTP planned resources. Support recruitment across DVS PL.
  • Develop and Maintain a competency plan for System Engineering and ensure reference training plan linked with available training both formal and on the job. Define new training needs for the System Engineering activities and work with Platform/Metier/Operations group to source/generate internally or other via external providers.
  • Align with CDV to define a System Engineering tools strategy and deploy necessary tools with access, user guides and training. Define standard template tools that aid in System Engineering work.
  • Elicit and Monitor R&D Efficiency plans from System teams across Platform/Operations/Metier teams. Ensure all System Engineering teams are aware of System efficiency levers and utilise.
  • Define internal and external resource/service providers for System Engineering activities and provide standard rules of engagement for Metier/Platform/Operations team to ensure consistent approach across all.
  • In association with relevant hierarchical managers , define and deploy metier functional objectives to System Engineering teams in Platform and Operations groups
  • Monitor regularly the metier functional objectives progress and maintain regular contact with system engineering resources. Maintain overall view of projects/assignments loading.
  • Work with relevant line hierarchical managers to regularly give feedback and contribute with input relevant MYRs,AAIs and Training development plans.
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